Fair Meter – Changing the World, One Meter at the Time

The Dutch government, knowledge institutes and utility companies Stedin and Alliander - launched the Green Deal Fair Meter a couple of years ago. Part of the scheme was the introduction of the Fair Meter, a smart energy meter made from responsibly sourced and reused materials.

Fair Meter - Stedin

Stedin engineer installs smart meter

Fair Meter’s goal is to achieve maximal transparency during the production process of the meter and reduce the impact on the environment. This meant rethinking everything like sourcing the raw materials, manufacturing the meter and logistics. Installation of the product and responsible waste treatment afterwards, are also an important part. Green Deal Fair Meter tries to give meters a second life when possible.

Although the Fair Meter is not a complete circular product yet, it will get there step by step. The Green Deal Fair Meter group is currently in the process to create new designs of the smart meter. The next generation of meters will be significantly lighter and will even have some materials omitted from the design, this means tons of materials saved.

Sustainable energy system

The meters are currently being installed in homes throughout the Netherlands. Households will soon be able to produce their own energy from solar panels and put excess energy back to the grid for others to use. This sustainable energy system can also help customers to reduce their bills because they have better insight into their energy usage. Fair Meter will help as a fundamental sustainable product.

Circular economy

The Dutch with their character and attitude of reinvention have undertaken to achieve a 100%  circular economy by 2050. We see it as crucial for economic growth, but moreover that it improves the well-being of society as a whole. The Netherlands intends to become a living lab, generating and disseminating information on the transformation into a future-proof world. The Netherlands has launched the Netherlands Circular Hotspot (NLCH) so that we can leave behind a livable earth for future generations.