Colourful Bricks From Building Rubble

You can choose from salami, mushroom, caramel or truffle. But if you thought you were in a restaurant, then you’d be wrong! StoneCycling, based in Venlo, the Netherlands, has developed a process which turns building and industrial waste into bricks.


StoneCycling bricks

Creative brick designs

Experiments analyzing the relationship between ceramic tiles and glass have produced some unusual results, such as red bricks with white spots, dubbed ‘salami’. StoneCycling is working with architects and ceramic experts to come up with more new designs. While the aesthetics remain important, long-term sustainability of the building industry is a key aspect.

Keeping up with demand

The bricks are made from 60-100% recycled materials and these are fired at temperatures which are 200 to 300 degrees less than usual. To meet the steadily growing demand, StoneCycling has recently joined forces with SITA, one of the biggest waste-processing companies in the Netherlands. WasteBasedBricks® can be used for the exterior and interior of buildings.

Global reach

Since the first ever house made from WasteBasedBricks was presented in 2016 StoneCycling’s sustainable building materials from waste are used by innovative architects, construction companies and real estate developers around the world.

Studio Urban Echoes designed StoneCycling’s most colourful project so far, an edifice in Amsterdam.