Bollegraaf - Automated Circular Solutions

While the world continues to recycle more and more, a company in the Netherlands makes sure that the recycling industry has the tools to make the task more efficient. Bollegraaf is one of the leading manufacturers of recycling equipment and dominates the US market.

Leaders in plastic technology

Decades of experience with household waste and plastic recycling have made Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions the leading authority in this market. The company is a leader in process technology & automation and robotics; developments in which it continuously and intensively invests.

Bollegraaf has both the know-how and scale and the organisational capacity to engage with large market parties as a serious discussion partner. Taking challenges into account, the company is able to successfully realise very large, integrated sorting facilities.

How it works

Bollegraaf is increasingly adding a new dimension to their globally recognised pioneering role in recycling. By continually and intensively investing in process technology & automation and robotics, the company is moving up the chain to the role of recycling director. That way, the recycle company creates a world of difference for and with their clients.

The machines are not only manufactured to do sustainable work, they are, themselves ‘green’. They are painted with water-based paint and have the lowest power consumption possible. In addition, the units have a long life-span and maintain a high residual market value.

International market

According to the latest EU law, member states are mandated to recycle or reuse 65% of their waste by 2020. As Europe becomes circular, Bollegraaf technologies spread to more and more countries with developing recycling infrastructure. However, their largest export market is not in Europe but on the other side of the Atlantic.

Exporting their recycling equipment throughout the world is not just financially rewarding for Bollegraaf. It also contributes to leaving a more sustainable planet for the next generation.