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Find out how the Dutch can work with you to create smart solutions for global challenges related to water, food, energy, health and security.

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Dolph Hogewoning @NLinNY

#Dutch @Philips debuts CT scanner to enhance imaging for emergency/trauma care and oncology #innovation @businessinsider ow.ly/8L4S30h6tMO pic.twitter.com/EEfyIVMbFF

4 hours ago
Hollandtrade @hollandtrade

The #Netherlands believes that every #challenge is waiting for passionate people to create a #solution. Watch the new promo video. bit.ly/2z1Id46 pic.twitter.com/8lR3NECtxs

10 hours ago
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Netherlands Embassy 🇺🇸 @NLintheUSA

Dutch city of Helmond integrates intelligent #lighting in its public roads and pedestrian zones smartcitiesworld.net/news/dutch-cit… via @SmartCitiesW pic.twitter.com/vb6MSpUxZs

18 hours ago
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