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Find out how the Dutch can work with you to create smart solutions for global challenges related to water, food, energy, health and security.



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Netherlands Embassy 🇺🇸 @NLintheUSA

Solar roads, high-tech equipment, floating solar parks: Dutch #SolarEnergy thrives through innovation. In the Netherlands, we constantly look for technology-driven solutions for sustainable

16 hours ago
Hollandtrade @hollandtrade

Social houses in #Amsterdam will be fitted with smart #roofs that can store excess #water underneath its vegetation. It will have sensors linked to a network and can retain or release water in response to the weather forecast. (Via @SmartCitiesW)

24 hours ago
Hollandtrade @hollandtrade

Instead of building walls to keep the #water out, US @CityOfBoston took the #Netherlands' 'living with water' concept as an example and build #parks as an alternative. (Via @pewtrusts)

1 day ago
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