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Dutch #sustainable #startup @LENAlibrary lets you borrow and return designer #clothes, like books in a library. (Via @guardian) bit.ly/2Hv7DcS pic.twitter.com/w6GiHl7dvr

59 minutes ago
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Dutch firm to protect the city of Randers from a #stormsurge, without building high levees, walls and embankments #floodprotection #watermanagement #innovation twitter.com/HollandWater/s…

21 hours ago
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Netherlands designers @Viktor_and_Rolf #recycle last season's fabrics to create new #sustainable #clothes for one of the big mainstream e-tailers. (Via @CrackMagazine) bit.ly/2C6C49x pic.twitter.com/zt9jVZxFJT

1 day ago
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