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Dutch #chicken #farm @kipsterkip claims to have the world's first CO2-neutral #eggs. bit.ly/2gpcAv2 pic.twitter.com/fKJpEwuqFl

13 hours ago
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Nadine Galle @earthtonadine

Biodegradable #flowerplugs aims to combat hearing loss in youth and the global waste problem @Thunderplugs @ADE_NL #ADEGreen #ADE17 pic.twitter.com/1wD7iOCa6K

15 hours ago
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chiara @JBgreenmusic

What does a circular festival look like? Rethinking material flows, design, and resource management to close loops. #ADEGreen #ADE17 pic.twitter.com/mlGsirXniC

15 hours ago
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