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Dutch construction firm @BAMGroup_EU develops #sustainable #asphalt that is 70% #recyclable, cleaner for the living environment and is just a durable as regular tarmac. bit.ly/2OnTyQY pic.twitter.com/p8WbZ68Mhc

11 hours ago
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Netherlands Embassy 🇺🇸 @NLintheUSA

The #Netherlands has the ambition to become a fully #CircularEconomy by 2050. Building roads out of plastic waste is another step towards meeting this goal (video via @wef). pic.twitter.com/MvcYQ8vevK

1 day ago
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Dutch Water Sector @HollandWater

.@BAMInfra_nl has conducted trials placing several XblocPlus armour units on an artificial levee to investigate the speed and efficiency of the placement. It has been specially designed for the reinforcement of the Afsluitdijk closure dam dutchwatersector.com/news-events/ne… pic.twitter.com/sGy0KasQCs

1 day ago
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