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The Netherlands is the world's number one #cycling country. Cycling is a major means of #transportation here and serves as a sustainable, healthy and economical mobility solution. 🚲?

22 hours ago
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'The Middenweg' is a main route for walking, cycling and buses in the Dutch town of Heerhugowaard. In order to improve safety for all users, a redesign was needed. The solution? The longest fietsstraat in the Netherlands, designed by @mobycon. Full video:

1 day ago
Hollandtrade @hollandtrade

The Young #Expert Programme (YEP) #Energy will be launched in January 2020! Are you a Dutch organization and want to learn more or provide input for the #yepprogramme? Join one of the information sessions in September. @yepprogrammes @nwpnederland @MinBZ

4 days ago
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