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Dutch city #Rotterdam serves as a global example of dealing with rising #sealevels through water squares and other #urbandesign features. (Via @1843mag) bit.ly/2LSHeHk pic.twitter.com/GhJD0MfRhZ

6 hours ago
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Netherlands Embassy 🇺🇸 @NLintheUSA

17 million people🇳🇱, 19 million bikes🚲 and 8 million cars🚘: #smartmobilitylity is key for #Netherlandsands.nlintheusa.com/urban-planning/Cpic.twitter.com/HjJHwtGESeGESe

16 hours ago
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Netherlands entrepreneur @RotterZwam buys local #coffee residue and uses them as fertile soil to grow #oystermushrooms. Perfect to make a #vegetarian version of our yummy 'Bitterballs'. bit.ly/2JRyZOo pic.twitter.com/HkmN6B7AHm

1 day ago
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