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Find out how the Dutch can work with you to create smart solutions for global challenges related to water, food, energy, health and security.

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The #Netherlands believes that every #challenge is waiting for passionate people to create a #solution. Watch the new promo video. bit.ly/2z1Id46 pic.twitter.com/aXkuxPhjBa

1 day ago
Hollandtrade @hollandtrade

Did you know: Dutch #technological know-how and products are much sought-after and are #exported #worldwide. bit.ly/2g2Ohkz pic.twitter.com/atf7WEJBsl

1 day ago
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🎊🎊 It's a fact, our ne#windtunnelel is officially opened! 🎊 🎊 We can't wait to show you all the options this new research facility has to offer... 🌬💨 Curious? Check out the whole vidbit.ly/2j2ujpGTpic.twitter.com/Sqzm1uf18o1uf18o

2 days ago
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