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The #Netherlands is the most #competitive country in #Europe and in the top 5 globally, according to the latest @IMD_Bschool report. (Via @nfiaholland) bit.ly/2KTfKAC pic.twitter.com/eWnbaKhXZP

3 hours ago
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come explore EU funding options @TNWconference in ‘westerliefde’ room till 10:30. ‘the dumbest money provided by Europe’s smartes VC and innovators’. Not being here if you have breakthrough innovations seeking funding is definitely NOT smart....

3 days ago
Hollandtrade @hollandtrade

Dutch company @MoonenPackaging uses residual material from #sugarcane production as raw material for #coffeecups and turns them into #biogas and compost after use. bit.ly/2GrVnYQ pic.twitter.com/Ej4eEatv9B

3 days ago
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