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Hollandtrade @hollandtrade

Dutch #sustainable organization @groasis enables #plants and #trees to survive in challenging climates without the need of groundwater or electricity, but by collecting water from condensation. Follow the link to find out where they have installed it.

2 hours ago
Hollandtrade @hollandtrade

Dutch municipality @Gemeente_Zwolle introduces the world's first #bicycle path made from #recycled #plastic. Follow the link to find out about the road's modular capabilities. (Via @HollandWater) (Photo by @PlasticRoad_EU)

22 hours ago
Hollandtrade @hollandtrade

Dutch clothing brand Explicit and London-based @GUMDROPLTD release the world's first #shoe made of #recycled chewing gum. The project aims to #reducewaste and litter in Amsterdam. Follow the link for more details. (Via @Iamsterdam)

1 day ago
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