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Thanks to the Netherlands’ tech talent and infrastructure, the Dutch are leading global Hyperloop development bit.ly/2HS0Ado pic.twitter.com/7ICh795Vbf

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Government of the Netherlands grants Dutch innovative company Kascade subsidy to test 'Solar Still' device in #Oman - to dry foods and distillate #drinkingwater with #solarenergy. (Via @FoodStarsNL) bit.ly/2GiGc5E pic.twitter.com/BJc3rRb2Wg

12 hours ago
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First day of #Spring! Did you know that around 77% of all flower bulbs traded worldwide come from the #Netherlands? The majority of which are #tulips. bit.ly/2FTFpHj pic.twitter.com/wV64G4tI7d

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