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Holland Publications

Take a look at this overview of all the publications on, present and past.

Holland Compared Winter 2016

Holland Compared winter 2016

Facts & figures about the Netherlands. Key economic data regarding the Dutch economy has been garnered from information supplied by renowned research institutes and is reported and placed in an international context alongside data for other countries, allowing the reader to place our performance in a true global perspective.

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Made in Holland Specials

Made in Holland is published by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( Articles, interviews and news updates on sectors previously published in these magazines can be found here. All editions are available in English, selected issues have been published in multiple languages.

Made in Holland - Agrifood

The Netherlands is a world leader in agri-food expertise, with global solutions for health and food security.

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Made in Holland Creative industries

Dutch creativity inspires innovative solutions for a more liveable habitat.

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Made in Holland - Chemicals industry

Activate. React. Convert. The Dutch chemical industry owes its success to creating strong synergies: between multinationals and SMEs, researchers and entrepreneurs, societal issues and green solutions.

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Made in Holland - High Tech

Holland is strong in technologies that stimulate other sectors. The high-tech sector for example facilitates growth and innovation in the energy, chemistry and life science sectors.

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Made in Holland - Energy

 Holland is an innovative source of smart energy solutions.

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Made in Holland - Horticulture

The Dutch horticulture sector is the global market leader in flowers, plants, bulbs and reproductive material and nutritional horticulture products.

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Made in Holland - Life sciences and health

Holland’s health solutions help sustain vital societies.

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Made in Holland - Logistics

Holland’s smart logistics connect global markets.

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Made in Holland - Water

The Netherlands is the global expert in water solutions for flood protection, safe drinking water, wastewater management and maritime infrastructure.

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